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Adult Classes - small

Adult Kenpo/Jiu-jitsu

The adult program offers a great workout focusing on balance, body control, strength,
and flexibility. The instruction offers a balance of traditional martial arts as well as
practical self-defense, that addresses all combative ranges. The classes are a great way to improve physical and mental ability while increasing your capability to survive or avoid a violent encounter.

Also available;

Tai Chi Chung ~ Tai Chi Chi Kung
Tai Chi is a form of exercise that is intended to improve health and muscle tone while providing stress relief. Movements are slow, deliberate, and executed without physical power or snap.

Tai Chi may improve respiratory and circulatory systems, basic joint function, and muscle flexibility. Consistent Tai Chi practice will help strengthen the body, calm the mind, and increase overall health and well-being. Tai Chi may also improve coordination and balance. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

A great strength and cardio workout. Classes are fast paced and focus on conditioning and technique. Drills include impact drills, thai pads, bags, partner drills, and light sparring.

You will need a jump rope, bag gloves, shin pads, and a towel. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are a great way to “get ahead” or review lessons that may be a little “fuzzy.” They also provide an opportunity to video tape or learn interactive drills between parent and child.